East Bali Poverty Project – Training the Trainers

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Cooperating with East Bali Poverty Project, OneDollarForMusic held a workshop in the villages of Ban, some forgotten rural area between Mountain Agung and Mountain Abang.

This year we have been approached by the organization “East Bali Poverty Project” (EBPP). This foundation has been working since 1998 to improve living conditions in 19 villages in Eastern Bali. Over the course of 10 years, schools have been built, a water supply and a system for electricity from solar energy has been established. The management of EBPP asked us to set up a program for music teachers. After an assessment at the project location and negotiating the outlines and objectives for the cooperation, ODFM provided intensive trainings for 6 young talented musicians from the village. The trainees learned how to provide music workshops and lessons in their own villages. Elia Simantov, a volunteer for EBPP wrote an article about the training. To read more click here.

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