Master Class Drums – Kill Your Darlings!

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In July 2009, Bow Evers, drummer from the popular Dutch band “Hit Me TV” was our guest.

Fifteen talented young drummers attended his master class, called “Kill your Darlings”. Bow started with some examples and inpired the young drummers with some stories of his experience with his band and his life as a musician. Then he explained about “Kill Your Darlings” : “Be ready to get rid of your habits! Whatever you do, you always support the composition by helping the other musicians playing beautifully. Play functional, add rhythm and color to the song, play soft where it needs soft and loud where it needs loud. Serve your band instead of doing what you always do.” Bow Evers was very positive about the participants. “They all play very smart and they have a good and special ‘feel’. If they keep practicing different dynamics and create a colorful and transparant drum arrangement, they all can make it very far.”

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