Our Founder

Raoul Wijffels has over 30 years of experience in music, youth & education, training, coaching and management. His career began as pianist, composer, arranger and teacher. He composed and produced theatre pieces and developed a new vision on music education. He published a music method for classroom teachers and has been frequently invited for guest lectures and workshops. He worked as music pedagogue at the Conservatories of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam and was co-designer of the curriculum for Bachelors and Masters for ‘Codarts’, University of Music and Dance in Rotterdam.

After a field research in Indonesia, he founded OneDollarForMusic, a non-profit organization that uses a unique approach to support the infrastructure for creative development and the improvement of education and youth development programs in Indonesia.

Raoul’s interests are broad. Beside his work as musician and educator, he managed a charter sailing company and organized trainings and team buildings, while being captain on his own traditional sailing vessel the ‘Pegasus’. His approach to his work, both as manager, trainer, coach and educator, is a holistic one: combining deep understanding of strategies and processes with broad technical knowledge and a people-focused, personal involvement in successfully driving and managing change.


2007 – 2018:  Program director – OneDollarForMusic Foundation

2006 – 2018:  Coach & trainer of young talent, teachers & youth workers – OneDollarForMusic Academy, Bali

2007 – 2018:  Volunteer for the Dutch Probation Service: counseling Dutch prisoners in Indonesia

2001 – 2007:  Music Pedagogue for ‘Codarts’, University for Music and Dance in Rotterdam

1999 – 2006:  Owner & Captain of the traditional sailing vessel ‘Pegasus’, North Sea and Baltic Sea

1989 – 1999:   Music Teacher  for ‘RSG Slingerbos’, bi-lingual high school, Harderwijk