Our vision & mission

OneDollarForMusic (ODFM) is an NGO that promotes creative and cultural development by actively providing access to knowledge, information and guidance, especially targeting young people and youth-oriented institutions in Indonesia.

The initiative was founded in 2007 and since 2008, ODFM has carried out various projects in which, so far, over 5.000 young people have participated. Activities range from training for young talent to workshops for school students, training for teachers and coaches, master classes and band coaching, concerts and events, discussions and seminars.

Since 2013 ODFM has implemented a rehabilitation program for young prisoners with a unique approach: music, art poetry and theater as ‘tools’ for increasing self-esteem and positive thinking among youth in conflict with the law. Our simple philosophy in our work with imprisoned youth is that “we cannot change the fact that their freedom has been stolen from them, but we can give these kids a voice, skills and tools to ensure that nobody can steal their future.

Our objective is to establish a sustainable infrastructure for creative development, to strengthen the cultural identity and to improve future chances for young creative talent, emphasizing the marginalized youth.

Our vision is a generation of young people for whom freedom of expression and creativity enhance their mutual understanding and for whom equality is a fundamental principle in their approach to others.

Our mission is to invest in sustainable creativity.