Creativity for Social Change?

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Let’s be critical for a moment. We are living in an industrialized world. We make a living by making money and so do artists. Yes! And there is no problem with that. The problem is that we refer the money making to the purpose of art and that’s a misunderstanding!

Before there were economies, industries, multinational corporations, oil companies, stock markets and everything we are virtually depending on right now… expressions of music, dance and art already existed. From prehistoric times human beings danced, made music and visual art. As a way of making a career as a composer of an opera, choreographer of a ballet, a Pop star, Blues legend or owner of an art gallery? Certainly not! The truth is much more profound! The original purpose of creative expressions is to connect people, with themselves, with their communities and to be in harmony with nature.

This original purpose is almost forgotten. Governments all over the world, in times of economic crisis cut their budgets on culture. Schools put arts and music programs on the back seat of their curriculum, considering such activities as entertainment. Meanwhile, intolerance is on the rise, globally. This is not just a coincidence, it rather seems to be a causality. The less attention we give to creative development, the higher the risk for people and communities to become disconnected and to fall into negative thinking, intolerance and stereo-typing.

That is why a paradigm shift is needed! Creative expressions need to be understood in the original purpose to connect people with themselves, to build bridges between people and cultures, to embrace diversity and to promote peace.

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